Even More Cleanup After The Divorce

Detail shot of a woman using laptop at the lawn

Your divorce is final, you have updated your will, power of attorney and advanced healthcare directive, and you have removed your ex-spouse as beneficiary on all your accounts. What else could you possibly do to clean up after the divorce?

Your security of course!

When starting over as a singleton, it is important to do so with fresh new equipment. Specifically, a new computer (or equivalent) and cell phone that are held solely in your name. You should also change all your e-mail passwords to ones your ex-spouse does not know and has no way of guessing.

Even if you believe your ex-spouse has never known your passwords, it is an important security step. You may even consider changing your e-mail address entirely, if you believe your e-mail account was compromised in any way during the pendency of the divorce.

Lastly, clean up your social media accounts. Obviously if you have children, you may want to keep some family pictures available for them to view, but there is no need to have a public photo album entitled “romantic vacations” featuring pictures of you and your ex-spouse kissing on the beach in Mexico.

Once you have taken these few steps, you can truly and safely begin discovering the new single you.