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The attorneys at Vella & King understand that the practice of family law is more than just litigation and preparing documents.  It is about guiding clients through the stressful processes of divorce, adoption, and other legal issues facing families. It is about making clients feel at home even when their homes may be breaking up.

With more than thirty years of combined experience as family law attorneys, Vella & King bring both depth and breadth of experience and success to the table.  Their innovative approach includes the use of tried-and-true methods in combination with creative ideas for resolution. Their dedication to clients is evident in the ways they lead clients through the maze of uncertainty that typically surrounds family law issues.  They handle a wide variety of complex cases involving a multitude of challenging and contentious situations, including many that involve sensitive and confidential issues.

In their roles as divorce attorneys, Vella & King handle cases involving an array of differing situations. Their combined experiences have prepared them to help clients fully understand their options, rights, and responsibilities, regardless of the complexity of the surrounding circumstances. During the pre-divorce process, Vella & King address questions related to legal separation, identification of marital assets, temporary alimony, and visitation arrangements, as well extreme concerns, such as the need for a restraining order or petition for protection from abuse.  Representing the client’s interest is always the primary focus. This may include working toward an out-of-court settlement or, when necessary, litigating the issues in court. Their exceptional interpersonal skills allow the attorneys at Vella & King to effectively deal with these emotionally volatile situations.

During a divorce, the most pressing concerns are often related to children and financial assets. Vella & King excel in addressing child custody and child support issues and problems related to alimony and division of assets. Their special attention to these areas ensures that children are protected, and assets are divided equitably and according to Alabama law.

Vella & King’s passion for helping people does not end with the divorce decree. They provide ongoing support and advice so that clients are able to move effectually beyond the sense of loss and change. Post-divorce assistance may be related to unpaid alimony or child support, modification of alimony or child support, enforcement of property division orders, changes to visitation and/or custody arrangements, or other issues related to enforcement of court orders.

Vella & King also bring their passion for the law to their work as adoption attorneys. They assist prospective adoptive parents with the complicated and onerous paperwork and documentation related to an adoption filing and to the puzzling and demanding home studies sometimes required. Vella & King know how to move effectively and efficiently through the intensive and time consuming adoption process. Known for their work with private and DHR/agency adoptions, Vella & King stand out as advocates for people seeking to adopt here in Alabama.

In addition to their work as divorce attorneys and adoption lawyers, Vella & King also handle other family and matrimonial issues such as paternity, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, common law marriage, LGBT domestic issues, cohabitation agreements, IEPs (Individualized Education Plans), and ISPs (Individualized Safety Plans).

Highly skilled and broadly experienced, Vella & King work on their clients’ behalf to create the most beneficial outcomes possible. They tenaciously pursue solutions that will move clients from crisis to closure, from chaos to resolution. Nationally, regionally, and locally recognized by their industry and peers, Vella & King are able to handle all matters related to divorce, adoption, and other family law issues.